Welcome to storagewares.com

Hi! Welcome to my website! Storagewares are hidden treasures found in storage units and estates sold at auctions all over the southeast. I also attend freight and surplus auctions frequently. Much of my merchandise is brand new! I want to pass the great deals on to my customers by developing this website for an easy shopping experience 24/7 and I want to expand my customer base as quickly as I can because the more people that save money on these great deals, the more items I can buy for even more deals! So please feel free to tell your family and friends about this site and our Saturday morning sale!. Our onsite sale is located in Destin, FL at 516 Mountain Dr, and is an every Saturday from 9am-2pm; rain or shine event. If you are close by please stop in and check out the incredible deals!!


Inventory varies from

  • collectibles
  • antiques
  • electronics
  • furnishings
  • appliances
  • toys
  • and much more

Inventory does come and go quickly so please check site frequently for updates so you don't miss out on a steal of a deal.

We do ship at the buyers request and expense. If you would like a more detailed description or pictures on an item please contact us by email.  If you are looking for a specific item that we do not currently have instock please let us know because chances are we will come across it sooner than you.


Enjoy and Happy Shopping